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Learn Vastu – E-book


Vastu can easily be learned by this book. We have written all the principals of vastu chapter wise and defined them with appropriate examples too. We also provided the real case studies map of real houses with their vastu defects and solutions. Just read the book carefully and you can examine theĀ  vastu of any house/flat/factory etc.


By the grace of God, by studying the vastu of a House / Bedroom, one can predict the trend and events of the residents there. If, the house/bedroom are in accordance with vastu
principles the life of the residents will be in tune with nature. This is the law of Nature.

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    Scriptures proclaim that not a blade of grass moves without His will. And the whole universe is in Him only. On His command only all life (plant, bird, animal life etc.) is active. Vastu
    knowledge in fact is a revelation of the being only. Every family gets its residence appropriate to the enterprise they are engaged in. The movement of planets, change of seasons etc. are laws of nature. Similar is the case with the laws of vastu.

    The nature , as per its own rules & regulations has indeed provided for every living being on earth. In the whole creation Divinity alone is ultimate. Whosoever is endowed with this, his status in society is higher or lower accordingly. In accordance with these principles in every premises
    whether bedroom / house / office / prayer room / choultry / assembly hall etc., the head of the institution or family will always be occupying SouthWest / SouthEast or NorthWest (in that order) and the younger people in NorthEast, East, North (in that order). For the benefit of society, this publication from Shri Dwarkdheesh Dharmik Samity is dedicated at His holy feet. Any omissions, mistakes etc. may kindly be condoned. We are grateful for your indulgence and suggestions in this behalf.